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A survey of the impact of information technology tools on the implementation of knowledge management

Ali Ahmadi



Knowledge management is considered as a system of activities relevant to producing, compilation, and transferring knowledge. 
Purpose -The main role of information technology in knowledge management is facilitating of knowledge Above all what this paper is driving at is an assessment of the rate of the influence , the information technology tools have on the implementation of knowledge management at Tejarat Bank . The method applied has been a survey.Methodology-The research communityconsists of the experts of the mentioned bank (75 persons). The tools of data gathering were analyzed by a questionnaire containing 34 questions prepared by the statistical software SPSS. We applied descriptive-deductive statistical method and mono-sample test T to analyze the data. 
Findings-It is worth mentioning that the results of the analysis indicate that there is a significant relation between Information Technology Tools in the development and acquiring of knowledge, knowledge storage and processing, Sharing and application of knowledge 
Conclusion -The use of information technology tools such as official automation, internet, email…considerably contribute to the better implementation of knowledge management process 


knowledge management; information technology; information technology tools

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1234/vol10iss1pp%25p


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